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Articles that have been published regarding the Confederate Celtic Movement

This page contains articles on Irish, Scottish, and other composite Confederate/Celtic Identities. 

1. "Your Clan or Ours," by Diane Roberts, from the magazine Oxford American published in Oxford, Mississippi, by permission of Oxford American. (, for information about The Oxford American magazine call 1-800-269-6926. )

2. "The Confederate Memorial Tartan: Officially approved by the Scottish Tartan Authority," Sebesta, Edward H. (2000) in Scottish Affairs, no. 31 (Spring) p. 55-84. The publisher is Unit for the Study of Government in Scotland, Edinburgh University, Chisholm House, High School Yards, Edinburgh, EH1 1LZ, Scotland. You can read the Scottish Affairs article by clicking here.

3. "Gerard Casey's American Allies," by Mags Glennon in the The Phoenix, May 25, 2001, Ireland. 



Celtic Geographies has an article, "Scottish Diaspora: Tartan Day and the appropriation of Scottish identities in the United States," by Euan Hague. The article includes a section covering the Confederate Celtic movement and puts it in context. The article is on pages 139-156, Celtic Geographies, Routledge Press, London & New York, 2002. 


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